Our colleague Dr. Till Omansen received the DZIF-Doktorandenpreis der DGI 2019 for his outstanding research into the potential improvements of antimicrobial therapy against the neglected bacterial infectious disease Buruli ulcer. The award ceremony took place at the annual meeting of the German Society for Infectious Diseases (DGI) and the German Center for Infection Research (DZIF) in Bad Nauheim. Congratulations!





Mareike Kallweit is now joining our department as project manager for clinical trials. Welcome to the team!


The DGEpi awarded Dr. Johannes Mischlinger with the Stephan Weiland Prize 2019. Congratulations!


We welcome our new colleagues PD Dr. Florian Kurth and Dr. Benno Kreuels and are happy to have them in our team.

July 1, 2019

Francisca Naana Sarpong starts as Clinical Monitor for Clinical Drug and Vaccine Studies and swaps the warm Ghana against Hamburg. We're happy to have you with us!



June 28, 2019

Dr. Mirjam Groger, PhD receives the doctoral prize for medicine from the Association of Friends of the Tropical Institute Hamburg e.V. (VdF)

Every year, the Vdf awards two doctoral prizes for the best dissertation from the BNITM in science and medicine. In medicine Dr. Groger convinced the committee with her work on "Pathophysiology and treatment of non-falciparum and falciparum malaria".The prize was awarded to Dr. Groger in the historic lecture hall of the BNITM. Congratulations!



June 2019

Our colleague PD Dr. Silja Bühler convinced the ISTM Research and Awards Committee and got the prestigious ISTM Research Award 2019 for her project "Concomitant administration of yellow fever vaccine with measles, mumps, rubella vaccine in healthy adults - a multi-center prospective observational study". A great success!


June 1, 2019

Christine Wagner joins the team as Project Manager/Coordinator for Clinical Studies in Sub-Saharan Africa. Welcome!

Copyright UKE, Kirchhof
Copyright UKE, Kirchhof
Colleagues celebrated Dr. Mischlinger

Congratulations to Dr. Johannes Mischlinger for the Dr.-Martini-Prize

Dr. Johannes Mischlinger is a scientific and medical employee of our department and was honored with two other award winners with this year's Dr.-Martini-Prize. This prize is the oldest medical prize in German-speaking countries to encourage the work of young scientists.The award went to the winner for his optimization of the microscopic diagnosis of malaria and loiasis.

Malaria is usually diagnosed by blood tests because the corresponding parasites infect red blood cells. So far it was not clear whether capillary blood or venous blood has better diagnostic properties. The former, can be obtained by a small stab in the skin, similar to a blood sugar test, the latter by the puncture of a larger blood vessel, for example, in the crook of the arm. In the award-winning study patients from Gabon in Central Africa are shown to have higher parasite densities, which significantly improves the diagnosis of malaria, even at low parasite densities. These results are of global importance as they can help improve both clinical diagnostics and scientific studies and malaria elimination campaigns.

February 2019

Our student Dorothea Straessner on her way to Gabon

Dorothea will spend a year in CERMEL, Lambaréné, Gabon to work on her doctoral project. The study ia about the efficacy and safety of ivermectin for the treatment of Plasmodium infection in asymptomatic Gabonese adults.



January 2019

Prof. Michael Ramharter becomes a member of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAC) of the EDCTP

The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) is an advisory panel of independent scientific experts from Europe and Africa. Working with the Secretariat, the SAC develops the strategic framework for EDCTP and advises the General Assembly on technical and scientific matters relating to the EDCTP programme.

The SAC is not involved in the review of applications submitted to EDCTP calls for proposals.

November 1, 2018

From now on Nina Hackbarth supports us as MTA/BTA in molecular biological procedures in the context of studies. Welcome to the team!

November 2018

Our DZIF scholarship holder Saskia Dede Davi is completing her doctorate as part of a one-year scientific research project at our cooperation partner CERMEL in Lambaréné, Gabon.

Ms. Davi is preparing a cross-sectional study on the "coinfections associated with the human immunodeficiency virus in pregnant women in rural Gabon". The project is supervised by Prof. Michael Ramharter, Prof. Marylyn Addo and Dr. Johannes Mischlinger.


We welcome our new colleague PD Dr. Silja Bühler!


The Italian online journal Scienza e Farmaci has published an article from the Journal of Infectious Diseases on our publication "Use of Capillary Blood Samples Leads to Higher Parasitism Estimates and Higher Diagnostic Sensitivity of Microscopic and Molecular Diagnostics of Venous Blood Samples".